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Integrated system for management and production control (Real Time Production System).
RTPS OASIS suite allows a real time management and a precise production control besides guaranteeing a precise product traceability management.


Available modules

  • RTWCP-OASIS, Real Time Work Centers Planning: software module for the management of productivity plan with innovative limited capacity preconfigured MRP;
  • RTWCC-OASIS, Real Time Work Centers Control: software module and hardware kit for the management of working area with production orders display, recipes sending and acquisition of consumption and process variables for every executed production batch from the working center;
  • RTHUC-OASIS, Real Time Handling Unit Control: software modules and hardware kit for Handling unit management which may contain raw materials or finished products. This module includes the warehouse management and internal handling management for the tool tending of work centers;
  • RTSCG-OASIS, Real Time Serial Code Grant: software modules and hardware kit for the real time encoding of outgoing product from production lines according to EAN SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) standard;
  • RTTLP-OASIS, Real Time Truck Load Planning: software module for the management and the plans for expeditions;
  • RTTLI-OASIS, Real Time Truck Load Information: software module and hardware kit for the automatic association of SSCC codes to dispatch notes through automatic take-over about loading steps of the trucks;


RTPS® suite architecture

The architecture of RTPS is based on a Data Base server and on a series of preconfigured clients according to the following logic.

Administrator Clients
: they allow to perform an activity, control, states and processes analysis plan (production vision, warehouse status, definition and modification of codes and descriptions, importation and exportation of data, etc.).

SCADA clients
(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)): they are directly connected to productive implants, they allow a connection between man and machine, (manual commands, alarms, settings, etc.) and they have automatic functionalities for data acquisition and texts exchange between the MES system and the implant.

Wireless Clients
: they are portable radiofrequency terminals equipped with a barcode laser scanner reader. They are typically supplied to the employees who are instructed for the pallets handling; the type of client allow:

  • Characteristics data display of productive unit which is associated to the barcode red (pack or pallet)
  • Declaration of the occurred goods handling (sent, return, in warehouse, picking, etc.)
  • Active the printing or the reprinting of the labels.




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