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The WMS developed by OASI.S provides a fundamental support for the user which wants to optimize the usage of the resources in the warehouse. Its first goal is to monitor the movements and the deposit of materials in the warehouse as well as processing the transactions; shipment, delivery, rearrange and collection are included. It can find its application in manual, automated or even in a combination of both of them.

Among the macro functionalities we can find

Products entry: the system manages the handling of the products allowing the identification of incoming UDCs (Load Units) in the system.
Incoming UDCs sorting and stocking to warehouse: the incoming UDCs in the installation are sorted between the possible destinations with the purpose of maximizing the warehouse saturation and giving the fastest speed while taking the products.
Map management: the system manages the map of warehouse locations automatically, that is data and position of every UDC unit in the shelves.
Products taking: the materials taking from the automated warehouse occurs through a picking list. The creation of a picking list is possible according to one of the modality below:

  1. Manual insertion of a picking order
  2. Taking based on a direct material selection
  3. Order import from Host Company

Picking lists management: thanks to a window it is possible to activate, suspend, cancel and modify the picking lists which were previously insert or acquired. Furthermore, it is possible to change the sequence with which the picking lists have to be executed.
Production taking from the warehouse:  when the lists are executed the system arrange them according to the priority and after that the lists are being processed. The system will take the products required according to every list and respecting the order.
Logging and reporting: during the functioning of the implant the system provides to record some data which allow to keep track of the main events that happen. These data can be analysed through a specific window.
System login control: the login management is highly precise and directly configurable from the customer. It is possible to determine the users who are allowed to log in the system. Every user is defined as part of a group. For every software function it is possible to define authorized groups use.
Connection with Host company: interfacing with the company management system allows to minimize the manual insert of data on the warehouse system.




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