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As terminal activity of packaging and primary activity of intralogistics, palletizing has experienced and it is still experiencing new innovations.

The repetitiveness of this activity, the cost of traditional labour and the more stringent regulations about safety have led the automatic palletizing to be competitive also for medium-low potentiality implants.

The integration between the robot and the system allows to have benefits (high speed e movements precision, limited size, wide reach range) which allows to provide versatile solutions.

One of the main mission taken by OASI.S, which is the business of the company, is to provide palletizing solutions based on the customer requests.

Mechanical design, internal to OASI.S, has a wide range of engineered solutions to manage the range of a various product (cases, bags, cans, drums, …).

Software programming, internal to OASI.S, allows to control and manage the palletizing implants in an easy and smart way through HMI user-friendly which has intuitive commands and graphics specifications about the implant state.

Considering the extreme range of products and sectors which we work with every day, OASI.S has the possibility to provide “special” solutions in order to adapt the product characteristics supplied by the customer and evolve more and more the products proposed.






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