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Pick-up head

Always fulcrum of every kind of handling/manipulation of the product in OASI.S’ robotic cells, the gripper heads are entirely designed, realized, assembled and tested in our factory.
According to the product which has to be handled/manipulated, the gripped heads furnished by OASI.S in his own installations can be classified below.


LATERAL PAW/GRIPPERS: They are used when it is required to handle boxes or other products in a single outlet or in a multiple outlet row. Pneumatic or motorized handling, pallet tacking and interlayer tacking devices can be integrated.


RETRACTABLE FORKS: This is the ideal solution in case there is a high variety of products and dimensions or when the product is particularly slight. The handling of the forks can be motorized or pneumatic depending on the needs of placement and flexibility during booth phases of removal and storage while the lateral contrast paw and the higher pressor guarantee a safe grip during all the handling without damaging the product.



STEAM SOCKING WITH MOUSEE/SUCTION CUP: : It is suitable when more lines or even entire layers of product have to be handled at the same time or when the product presents a conformation and/or deformability such as to allow an efficient lateral manipulation.



All out grippers are custom for the costumer to guarantee the best grip efficiency and flexibility. However there can be applications for which it is necessary to develop a new particular project; OASI.S engineers special solutions ad hoc for demanding applications and costumers.




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