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Pallet/Interlayer warehouse

Within packaging (primary or secondary) it is essential to have the possibility to guarantee the right consumables quantitative, dimensioned on the basis of input and output fluxes required.
Between these fluxes there are booth pallets and interlayers, therefore OASI.S provides in kit in his implants

Pallets buffer systems through

  • Static warehouses : the deposit of the stack occurs manually through the operator while the single taking of a pallet is carried by the robot through a special internal device located in the pick-up head;
  • Dynamic warehouses : (stackers or unstackers) in this case the supply/evacuation of stacks occurs through motorized transporters while both stack load/ unload and release/collection of the single pallet occur automatically through a taking/depot pneumatic/motorized system.

In both cases the warehouses can be managed both mono and multiformat depending on the needs of the process.

Interlayer buffer systems through a static structure ad hoc where a decicated robot or a dedicated demoulder device make taking/deposit operations of the interlayer. The stacks supply can occur manually through an operator or automatically on pallets transporters.



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