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Pallet stretch-wrapper

Thinking about the “intermediary” between palletizing and warehouse operations, the choice for the correct pallet stretch-wrapper is essential to guarantee a continuous flux.

The choice is mainly taken considering the following factors:

  • Type of input unit
  • Transport type
  • Performances required
  • Stability of the product on the pallet
  • Need of an additional coverage
  • Need of extra manipulations
On the basis of this analysis OASI.S choose the ideal solution among the multiple choices available on his product portfolio

Semi-automatic wrapper: indicated for low UDC fluxes (standard till 20 pallet/hour) which are disconnected from the production lines; the load and the unload of the pallets on the wrapping location, such as the management of start-end time machine cycle and the film loan are set by the operator. Solutions with

  • rotary platform
  • rotary arm

Completely automatic wrapper: It is necessary when pallets fluxes increase or when it is required an integration of the machine within an automatic implants. High performances range (till 130 pallet/hour) which are equipped with motorized loan of the extensible film, equipable with upper coverage device. Solutions with

  • rotary platform
  • rotary arm
  • rotary ring




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