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Automated warehouses

Into the age dilemma of increasing the storage capability without investing in enlargement of new areas, usually the first answer is the optimization of the space available in the establishment through the utilization of shelving (single/double depth, gravity, drive-in, …) which allows the height development and so a higher storage density.

What happens if you increase the type of stored products and/or the product demand (expeditions number)? Internal fluxes may vary considerable making not efficient the exclusive handling through operator (pallet trucks, mono or trilateral forklift, manual picker, …) which will reach fast the saturation in both terms of usable paths and terms of mission timing for which the mistakes will increase.

OASI.S has the possibility to provide solutions which use automatic warehouses for the internal storage and the internal handling in the warehouses:

  • Single/double depth warehouse with stacker crane
  • Multiple depth warehouses with stacker crane and shuttle
  • Warehouses for packages/tapes through mini-load
  • Semi-drawer or completely automatic drawer warehouses for parts, components e semi-finished




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