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Stacker cranes

When it is required a high storage density (>6 meters height) with high handling performances, automated warehouses for UDC pallet or caissons type are normally connected to stacker cranes for all the picking, deposit and rearrangement operations.
It is about 2 axes machines which are able to move one or two UDCs with adequate performances (normally 3m/s for horizontal translation and 0,8m/s for vertical translation).
They can be structured with a mono post or double post depending on the required range and the heights which characterize the implant.
Stacker cranes are completed with different picking tools (telescopic forks and others) in order to do the picking-depositing process in easy or double depth shelfs.
Overall performances of the implant can be downloaded depending on the number and on the kind of stacker cranes which can be moved in every shelfs corridor otherwise it would be used a multi corridor system in case there are translating stacker cranes.



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