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Born as sorting systems for semi-finished of the automotive, LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicle) have known an expansion and an evolution increasing in the field of industrial intralogistics.
It is a system composed of one or more vehicles (pallet trucks or forklifts) equipped with a navigation system (rotating laser head) which allows them their exact position in real time through triangulation with specific landmarks.
In the “reins” of the handlings there is a dedicated or integrated supervision system in the LMS (Logistic Management System) which deals with the optimization management of the vehicles fleet routes and with the reception of information in real time about the status of the vehicles and the machines wherewith they are interfacing.


  • Tasks flexibility
  • Scalable integration with the process implant
  • Crossing time between handling system reduction
  • Inventory, warehouse area required and products damage reduction
  • Better production management
  • Better and more streamlined working area
  • Handling employees reduction
  • Increases, balances and optimizes the production flux
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