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LGV vehicles uses an integrated odometry sensors and triangulation laser system which allows the practicality in interior areas of the sheds.
The vehicle is equipped with an on-board controller which performs different tasks:

- Routes execution/missions sent from the supervising system
- On-board equipment control
- Safety and emergencies management
- Continuous communication with the stationary implant (supervision) via WiFi
- Possibility of local diagnostics through HMI or stationary implant
- Possibility of vehicle rehabilition in any implant mark after manual handling
- Helm or pushbutton for manual handling with the possibility to make also loading and unloading operations

The heart of location tracking of LGV vehicles is the navigation laser system + reflectors.
With this navigation laser the LGV is able to track its position among the surroundings by varying from time to time the position in order to follow an assigned trajectory from the mission. All thanks to the reflectors which are installed inside the places where LGVs work. Reflectors reflect the laser flux emitted by the navigation system so they allow the system to get the right location of the vehicle in real time.

Every operation which is developed by the AGV is continuously checked and monitored by special safety modules. Thanks to laser scanner which are installed in the handling zone every step is 100% safe, the lasers notice the possible presence or approach of an obstacle along the LGV's route so that the LGV has the possibility to slow down, stop or even overtake the obstacle depending on the configuration and on the situations.

During load handling operations AGV has to be able to communicate with PC interface every moment and everywhere in the implant. Using a dot-dotwireless connection which allows a dynamic communication between PC operator and AGV vehicle is possible thanks to our dedicated WiFi network.

Supervision system
Supervising system allows the management and the control of current LGV and eventually future LGVs.
From the supervising locations it is possibile to:
- Exchange signals with the machines which compose the implant such as palletizing or depalletizing systems, warehouses,...;
- Wireless communication with LGV vehicle;
- Generate and control missions for LGV;
- Traffic management and intervention priority of every single LGV;
- Executed missions feedback;
- Diagnostic management and relative historical.



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